Fifty Three Restorations, Inc. - Selected Projects

Church of St. Francis Xavier
New York, NY Lucy Moses Award 2011
The restoration of the interior architectural woodwork, as well as the fabrication of new furniture & cabinetry. Architectural elements that were restored by Fifty Three Restorations include the organ screen, the confessionals, & the front doors to the church. We also fabricated & installed a new wood Altar, an Ambo, & a lectern.

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church
Bronx, New York Lucy Moses Award 2011
As general contractor and architectural woodworker on the project, Fifty Three Restorations executed the restoration of the north and west facades, the rose windows & the belfry. This work included the complete removal & replacement of the Western Red Cedar shingles and all of the trim on the North and West facades of the building as well as the disassembly, restoration & re-installation of the rose windows.

Acorn Hall
68 Morris Avenue, Morristown, NJ-Landmark House Museum C.1860
Built as a private residence in the mid-19th century, Acorn Hall now serves as the headquarters for the Morris County Historical Society. Over the past ten years, we have completed several projects at Acorn Hall. Our first project at Acorn Hall was the restoration of the Music Room. In that room, we restored the woodwork, supervised the reproduction and installation of historic wallpapers, the restoration of the tromp l'oeil ceiling, as well as the analysis and execution of the paint finishes. More recently, Fifty Three Restorations restored the exterior of Acorn Hall. This work included the roof, the chimneys, the built-in gutter system, the siding, porches, windows, doors & shutters.

The Alice Austin House
House museum, Staten Island, NY-Landmark C.1880
The restoration of the windows & doors.

The Bowne House
Queens, NY-Landmark house museum
The restoration of the built-in gutter system and portions of the rear fa┴ade.

The Brooklyn Historical Society
Brooklyn, New York-Landmark C.1870
The fabrication & installation of the lay light over the main staircase.

The Brooklyn Meeting House of the Society of Friends
110 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, New York-Landmark C.1840
A Greek Revival building constructed in the 1850's. This project included the restoration of the box gutters, the cornice and fascias, the reproduction of the two attic lunette windows, and the restoration of the windows

Central Synagogue

123 East 55th Street-New York, N.Y.
A Moorish revival landmark built circa 1880. Fifty Three Restorations was responsible for the restoration of the windows on the 55th Street fa┴ade, as well as the Lexington Avenue doos.. As well as the Lexington Avenue doors. We restored or reconstructed many of the wood elements in the sanctuary, including the Bema handrails and the structural system supporting the Bema. We also restored the two under balcony ceilings at either side of the Sanctuary. This work included re-plastering, stenciling & painting as well as documentation of the original ceiling structure & finishes.

The Cloisters
Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY
The fabrication & installation of exterior shutters for the West façade. The fabrication & installation of interior shutters for the Boppard Gallery The Restoration of the wood ceiling in the Boppard Gallery The fabrication & installation of window sash for the Burgos Gallery.

Coe Hall at the Planting Fields
Oyster Bay, New York-Landmark House Museum
We restored the half-timbering on the South facade of the servant's wing. We also restored the exterior doors & jambs. The door hardware was repaired & new pieces were cast to match the historic examples.

The DeWint House
20 Livingston Ave., Tappan, N.Y.-Landmark House Museum C.1700
We were responsible for the complete restoration of the exterior & interior of this 1700 Dutch house. The work included the installation of a new hand split shingle roof; the fabrication & installation of reproduction window sash & doors, as well as the restoration of the wood floors, mantles & plaster surfaces.

The Eldridge Street Synagogue
12 Eldridge Street, New York, NY-Landmark C.1890
The restoration of the windows on the East façade. The stabilization of interior columns. The reproduction of historic doors, jambs, transoms.

The Frick Collection
1 East 70th Street, New York, NY C.1900
The restoration/reconstruction of architectural woodwork, including shutters, windows, & doors.

Lafayette Presbyterian Church
Brooklyn, NY
Restoration of the woodwork & protective glazing system for four of the leaded glass windows.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum
97 Orchard Street, New York, N.Y.-Landmark House Museum C.1890
We restored portions of the first floor hallway. Our responsibilities included reproducing & installing historic floor tile, stamped wood moldings, wainscoting and repair of the plaster walls.

Morris-Jumel Mansion
Landmark House Museum C.1790
We restored the main façade. Fifty Three Restorations also restored the main staircase, second to third floor.

The Manhattan Meeting House of the Society of Friends

15 Rutherford Place, New York, New York Landmark C.1850
We restored the exterior of three mid-19th century Greek Revival buildings. Included in this project was the restoration of the roof systems, the chimneys, the built-in gutters and the architectural woodwork. The installation of new lighting systems in the meeting house, which involved the removal, & re-installation of several of the historic finishes (woodworking, plaster, paint etc).

The Merchant's House
East 4th St, New York, NY
The restoration of the main cornice, the windows & the main entry of this early 19th century townhouse.

The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum

East 61st Street, New York, N.Y.-Landmark C.1790 House Museum
Fifty Three Restorations has restored/reconstructed the exterior architectural woodwork, including the porches, cornices, windows & doors. We also restored the flooring in two of the period rooms. A recent project at The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum required us to selectively remove & replace the historic flooring to facilitate the installation of new fire suppression & alarm systems. Fifty Three Restorations fabricated & installed French doors for the East balcony & has restored portions of the main staircase.

Palisades Presbyterian Church

Palisades, NY Landmark C.1880
The restoration of the bell tower, the bell & its carriage. The tower was dismantled & re-framed before receiving new sheathing & cedar shingles.

Pier A
Landmark New York, NY
Located at the foot of Manhattan Island this structure originally housed the New York City Fire Department's harbor fleet. Fifty Three Restorations installed exterior architectural elements including lead coated copper ornaments, windows, moldings & cornicework.

The Rufus King Manor House
Queens, NY-Landmark C.1765
Fifty Three Restorations restored the entire exterior of this house museum. The porches were rebuilt, the windows were restored (about 60 wood double hung units), and the siding, trim, doorways, and other woodwork was restored & painted. We reconstructed two arched attic window units & fabricated & hung new wood shutters made to late 18th century specifications.

School of the Holy Child
Rye, NY
Complete restoration of the architectural woodwork and the windows on this half timbered turn of the 20th century mansion.

Saint Ann's & the Holy Trinity Church
Brooklyn, N.Y.-Landmark C.1840
We restored & refinished the chancel window woodwork. In addition, we structurally reinforced the window with a system of stainless steel rods & anchors. We also fabricated & installed the protective glazing system. We have also restored four of the side aisle windows.

Old Saint James Parish Hall

Elmhurst, NY
The restoration of the exterior of this 18th century church building. The work included the reconstruction of the gable end bracket systems, the restoration of the existing architectural woodwork, the restoration of the windows, the fabrication & installation of new doors & the structural reinforcement of the roof framing system. We also replaced the roof, installed new copper leaders & gutters as well as restoring the stone foundation & the brick chimney.

The Swedish Cottage in Central Park
Landmark C. 1873
We restored/reconstructed the exterior of this wooden Swedish schoolhouse. The work included the fabrication and installation of siding, doors, windows, moldings, roof shingles, and various other decorative features. We also were responsible for the dismantling and reconstruction of the corbelled eave brackets that were structurally reinforced with steel braces that we designed & had fabricated. We also fabricated & installed the new balcony & the entrance handrail systems.

The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church
75 East 93rd Street-New York, N.Y. Landmark C.1910
Fifty Three Restorations completed the restoration of the exterior woodwork of this private residence that has been adapted to serve the needs of the Russian Orthodox Church. The restoration included 160 wood & copper windows as well as the doorways & cornices.

Trinity Baptist Church
225 East 61st Street-New York, N.Y. Landmark C. 1911
Fifty Three Restorations dismantled & documented 2 existing spires at the top of the main facade of this architecturally unique Swedish Baptist Church. We then fabricated & installed two new spires to match the originals. The spire frames are made of steel. A series of wood forms give shape & dimension to the spires, which are covered with lead coated copper

The Wagner Free Institute
Philadelphia, PA-Landmark C.1870
The restoration of 22 arched windows. Each window is about 20 feet tall & 7 feet wide. Each window has several steel ventilator units as well as operable wood arched sash at the top. The windows are painted on the exterior & stained & shellacked on the interior to match the historic finishes in the museum.

Woodrow United Methodist Church
Woodrow Road, Staten Island, NY
Structural reinforcement of the portico. Reconstruction of the porch. Restoration of the columns and other historic woodwork. The fabrication & installation of a handicap ramp. New Bluestone walkways.

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